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What is Perpetual Education?

PE is a 6-month mentorship program. We teach people from all walks of life how to design and build things for the web. (we don’t like being called a bootcamp / but if that helps you to think about it that way / we’ll look the other way ; )

Our course is focused on team oriented - real-world projects. Our goal is to train a new generation of responsible and vibrant designers and developers. We are a service for the student - and not of any board or directors or investors. Learn all about us at https://perpetual.education

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Why SUPER subscribe?

Well… this isn’t’ a thing yet… (currently all posts are public) - but as our students start showing off their projects - we’ll have some private posts. All of the students will have access - but if you’re not a student - you’ll need to pay for our super subscription to see all of our top-secret stuff. All proceeds will go to a good cause.

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